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For recycling to truly make an impact, it needs to be accessible, effortless, and conveniently nearby

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Many are interested in recycling, yet have found the process too demanding until now


That's where we step in

Our innovative approach to recycling eliminates the hassle, making it easier than ever to do your part for the planet.

Recycling will no longer be a chore —

it's a seamless part of your lifestyle

Meet Precycler

Introducing our AI-powered recycling companion, simplifying and streamlining the recycling process for you. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to effortless sustainability


Ensure eligible containers only and avoid contamination of raw material 


Reduce overflowing waste bins & cut the expense of waste removal


Eliminate the need to transport recyclable beverage containers to external facilities


Provides real-time data and allows on-line gamification & reward scheme.

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Take the Hassle Out of Recycling

  • Place it in a suitable location

  • Connect it to power & WIFI.

  • We will send our couriers to empty it when needed 

  • We'll Remote monitor it to ensure smooth operation & send our technician for support &  service.

  • Statistics & usage reports are available through our mobile app

  • Fun-filled recycling incentives with gamification and competitions.

Precycler can be placed on every floor of large residential or office buildings, outside street shops, cafeterias, schools & campuses, and shopping centers.


Choose your way to recycle smart with Precycle:

One payment

One payment for the installation and we will do the rest. No other charges.


Pay monthly rental and the deposit fee goes to you


Monthly rental is deducted from deposit fee and the rest is equally splitted between us.


Pay fix sum for each container actually recycled.

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