Everyone wants to recycle

However, only 9% of all plastic waste ever produced
has been recycled

and today only 6% of all US bottles end-up as recycled materials 

The plastic recycling industry is struggling

The Plastic Recycling industry has to compete with cheaper, high-quality virgin materials.

Recycling is an expensive process.  It involves collecting, sorting, separating, purifying, washing, scrapping, shredding and commuting.


The level of contamination caused to the plastic during its journey from the disposal bins, forces the Recycling Factories to apply costly cleaning processes. The industry suffers from quality issues and requires high & risky investments. 

The recycling Industry struggles with low collection rates.


Research shows that many people don’t make the effort to walk to recycling bins not even for Bottle Redemption Fees. Bringing the collection spots closer to the consumer, however, dictates higher collection costs, which the current industry cannot afford.

Our vision is to bring our Source Recycling Technology into every home worldwide turning plastic waste into a commodity & making Plastic Recycling “truly work”

Our Journey So Far


Precycle FOUNDED

Founded by highly experienced serial technology entrepreneurs with a 30-year record in inventing, establishing & running successful High-Tech companies.


We Built Our First Prototype

We are interdisciplinary team of  Deep-learning, Image Recognition, Computer Vision, Internet Software, Mechanical & Robotic engineers.