We are Environmental Awareness entrepreneurs

Founded by highly experienced serial technology entrepreneurs with a 30-year record in inventing, establishing & running successful High-Tech companies. We have an interdisciplinary team of Deep-learning, Image Recognition, Computer Vision, Internet Software, Mechanical & Robotic engineers.

We believe that circular economy should be profitable 

Precycle is taking "Source Separation" a step further, turning Bottle Recycling into a  profitable & resilient business. Our Deep-Learning-Technology & sharing economy  model allows any person or business to help the environment by joining our network and generate income.

The Bottle Recycling industry is facing some challenges

Plastic Bottles are probably here to stay for some time, at least according to  

the Beverage Manufacturers' declarations. Their pledge, to use at least 50% recycled material by 2030, is a challenging goal since the ​recycling industry is suffering from lack of investment, low collection rates and high competition from virgin plastic prices.


Precycle will reduce bottles ending-up in landfills. 

As opposed to traditional Recycling Centers, we recycle in parallel, in multiple locations simultaneously, with Jimmys collecting & recycling on the same spot. Precycle's decentralized  and scaleable architecture, can ​handle higher volume of less contaminated bottles​, making it more resilient to virgin price changes and variations in demands.​ Equipment Investment is divided between multiple pockets. The commute between collection spots & recycling centers​ is eliminated and under performing Jimmys can be relocated ​which lowers the investment risk .​ Precycle's solution has a smaller  environment footprint as we blend into cities, whilst the Recycling & Collection Centers occupy large, natural areas. Precycle's solution uses labor saving robots, and reduces transportation to factories by pairing Jimmys with nearby factories.​

Precycle higher collection rates

Precycle's solution increases Bottle Collection Rates. Recyclers using Jimmys with the Precycle Phone App can make aggregated earnings of $10 per hour,​ in addition to the redemption fees. Compensation fees are easily accumulated via the App on the users' phone. Additional bonuses & prizes can be awarded to selected users. Jimmys are located in respectful locations, have a friendly user interface and show educational & inspiring content on the​ color LCD.​ The user plays an active part in the recycling process,​ removing any doubts raised with nontransparent Single Stream process​es.

Strategic alliance with local Plastic Converter

We have engaged with a local plastic converter for food-grade products. In addition to their commitment to purchase 1,000 Metric Tons of clean flakes each month they  are  assisting our engineers in defining product requirements, adapting standard recycling processes in Jimmys & are conducting quality assurance tests.

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