3D-Recycling Technology


The fundamental breakthrough of our technology , is the transition from Volume Recycling to Individual Recycling , one container at a time.

Precise bottle recognition

One of Jimmy's  main assets is the ability to identify the exact kind of bottle fed to it. Since the quality of the clean flakes (and their value) is determined by their purity (color & plastic kind),  Jimmy also recognizes if the bottle has a label, a cap and even a PP ring around its neck.  Jimmy also figures the bottle's brand and size in order to continuously update its inventory status & weight. This visual intelligent ability is accomplished by a combination of two efficient  lightweight algorithms developed in Precycle. The first one is a Deep Learning Growing Model with continuous training features and the second algorithm is a robust detailed computer vision program with comprehensive and precise interpretation capabilities.

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Flake Purifying Unit

Micro robotic arms controlled by adaptive  detecting algorithms, based on computer-vision & deep-learning technology, for surgically dismantling three-dimensional plastic 
objects into their pure components.

Jimmy competitive cost 

The cost of a Jimmy is key to the success of Precycle's Bottle Recycling Network. Our  goal is to build a Jimmy which is still profitable even if emptied once every 3 months. Our team of top professional mechanical engineers have previous experience in developing highly accurate medical robotic spines. Using this knowledge in-conjunction with our background of  building mass production products,  we will set the cost  of a Jimmy at $2,000, making its 5  years  lease price at  around ~$40 per month.

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