Source Recycling Technology 

A Micro-robotic arm controlled by adaptive detection and recognition algorithms based on computer-vision and deep-learning techniques,

used for surgically dismantling three-dimensional plastic objects into their pure components


Our Stand-Alone Recycling Unit  accepts all kinds of PET bottles, recognizing colors, sizes & brands whilst rejecting mixed, dirty, & unknown objects. Precycler removes adhesives, labels and PP rings , dismantles the bottle, sorts & stores them as Clean Flakes in  designated, internal buckets . 


A combination of Deep Learning Growing Model with continuous training features and a robust detailed Computer Vision Algorithms with comprehensive and precise interpretation capabilities, are giving PRECYCLER the ability to identify the exact kind of container fed to it including its size, color, brand, labels and  cap . Adding 3D Printers low cost & matured automation to it, ensures the production  of high quality raw material at minimum costs.


The fundamental breakthrough of Precycle's Source-Recycling-Technology is the transition from Volume Recycling to efficient Individual Recycling, one container at a time. This rethinking not only saves commuting & labor costs; it also waives the need for expensive high temperature chemical recycling processes aimed at removing adhesives & labels, and costly cleaning processes


The first bin in the world  that makes money for its owner.

 The application enables Users to locate & sync with PRECYCLERS in their area , feed bottles to it & redeem deposit fees. Users can also choose to make additional income by unloading  & transferring  sacks of flakes  produced by the PRECYCLER. The app stores a Users’ transactional history and provides a link for the PRECYCLER's  owner to view the  performance & history.