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We're leveraging our AI technology to deliver

Effortless End-to-end recycling solutions

for offices, residential buildings,
food courts, & community centers


We all want to recycle but it requires effort
thus the results are poor

Recycling should be easy, simple and close by to really work 


AI Robots that make 
recycling simple and effortless

Placed in close proximity to consumers, eliminating any need to go to the recycling center.

The PRECYCLER detect, compress, sort, and store plastic & aluminum containers, transforming them on the spot into valuable raw materials 

Order Precycler for your office, make everyone happy

Our end to end recycling service is available at the moment in Israel, LA area and Singapore, operating in schools, office and residentials builds. 


Boost Recycling with Precycler Network

Deploy multiple Precycler robots right where consumers need it most, for effortless recycling impact.

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