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We're leveraging our AI technology to deliver

Effortless End-to-end recycling solutions
for offices


We all want to recycle 
but it requires effort
thus the results are poor

Recycling should be easy, simple &
close by to really work 



Placed in your office spaces, they detect, compress, sort, and store plastic bottles & cups, aluminum containers, coffee capsules & batteries, transforming them on the spot into valuable raw materials. 

AI Robots that make
recycling simple.

Order Precycler for your office, make your employees proud

With our full end-to-end solution, we are closing the circle for your recycling - reduce waste volumes, bring joy & satisfaction to your employees, & make your ESG score rocket.


Boost Recycling with Precycler Network

Deploy multiple Precycler robots strategically, to create a network that maximizes recycling efficiency and accessibility. Our end-to-end recycling service is currently available in Israel, the LA area, and Singapore, and it is tailored specifically for office environments.

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