Decentralizing Bottle Recycling

Our Deep-Learning-Technology &​ Sharing Economy ​model​ enable any person or a business be part of a profitable Bottle Recycling Network


Our 3D-Recycling technology enables us to

Decentralize Bottle Recycling  

Turning it into a Profitable ​Circular Economy & ​significantly increasing Bottle Collection Rates

Jimmy Robot

Is our Stand-Alone Recycling Unit, the size of a vending machine, accepts all kinds of PET bottles...

Bottle recycling network

Anyone can lease a Jimmy  

place it in a public spot & create income...

Become our


Jimmy becomes profitable from 150 bottles per day. Jimmy income depends on virgin plastic prices...


“My factory consumes 1,000 metric tons of plastic every month. Finally I can buy clean flakes locally and save money.

Ali Marlev
CEO of M.L.V Plastic


saving the planet

your business

The influence of plastic waste on our lives makes Bottles Recycling  Everyone's Business. Join us, be a part in of this meaningful & profitable business


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