Precycle's Source Recycling Technology dismantles plastic containers at the consumers’ location, separating them into pure, mono-colored, raw material (Flattened Sheets).  The valuable materials are then shipped directly to Plastic Converter Factories bypassing traditional Recycling Centers.


Plastic Recycling can Truly Work if done at source, as close to the consumer as possible


Individual Recycling

The fundamental breakthrough of Precycle's Source-Recycling-Technology is the transition from Volume Recycling to efficient Individual Recycling, one container at a time. This rethinking not only saves commuting & labor costs; it also waives the need for expensive high temperature chemical recycling processes aimed at removing adhesives & labels, and costly cleaning processes.


Turning Waste into Commodity

Precycle increases the value of the collected raw materials making even small collection spots Profitable.  This allows us to spread many collection points nearer to the Consumer, minimizing the “hassle” and improving the collection rates.


Source recycling technology

our Source-Recycling-Technology is comprised of micro-robotic arms controlled by adaptive detecting & recognition algorithms based on computer-vision & deep-learning techniques and is used for surgically dismantling three-dimensional objects into their pure components.

Precycle Will


the Plastic Recycling 

The Struggle of the Plastic Recycling industry


The Struggle of the Plastic Recycling industry
The Plastic Recycling industry has to compete with cheaper, high-quality virgin materials. Recycling is an expensive process.  It involves collecting, sorting, separating, purifying, washing, scrapping, shredding and commuting. Furthermore, the level of contamination caused to the plastic during its journey from the disposal bins, forces the Recycling Factories to apply costly cleaning processes. The industry suffers from quality issues and requires high & risky investments (KPMG-2019).  In fact the plastic recycling industry exists only due to regulations that (i) force Manufacturers to include expensive recycled materials in their products, and (ii) force Consumers to separate waste at home (“pay as you throw”).


Low Collection Rates
In addition, the recycling Industry struggles with low collection rates (KPMG-2019).  Research shows that many people don’t make the effort to walk to recycling bins not even for Bottle Redemption Fees. Bringing the collection spots closer to the consumer, however, dictates higher collection costs, which the current industry cannot afford.