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We're here to disrupt the Plastic Recycling Industry 

Precycle AI-Robots turn plastic bottles into valuable raw material right at the consumer location


Everyone wants to Recycle but
results are poor

We believe plastic recycling should require minimal effort & done as close to the consumer as possible before it is mixed with contaminated garbage.

Every collection spot is profitable

Precycle increases the value of the collected raw materials making even small collection spots profitable. 
This allows us to spread the low cost Robots nearer to the Consumer, minimizing the “hassle” and improving collection rates.


Who we are

Founded by highly experienced serial technology entrepreneurs. Leveraging our patentable AI & Robotics Technology, Precycle’s Robots upscale plastic bottles into valuable raw material already at the consumers’ collection points. Bypassing the traditional Recycling Centers, the raw material are sold directly to B2B & plastic Converter Factories, creating a circular economy where everyone in the process makes a profit.

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