PET Bottles Recycling Network​

Our sharing economy model allows any person or business to help the environment by joining our network, lease a robot, place it in a public place, and generate income. City municipalities, schools, property managers, business, environmental activists and individuals. Just install the Jimmy in a public place and we will do the rest. We will locate nearby plastic factories, coordinate the shipment of the "Clean Flakes", maintain the machine and handle receivables & payments from/to all involved partners. Precycles' Sharing Economy Trading Software ​coordinates all logistics & financial ​transactions necessary to deliver ​“Clean Flakes”  directly from Jimmys to Plastic Converters & Bottle-to-Bottle Factories. Watch our video

Jimmy Robot - A Stand-Alone Recycling Unit for PET Bottles


Our Stand-Alone Recycling Unit  accepts all kinds of PET bottles, recognizing colors, sizes & brands whilst rejecting mixed, dirty, & unknown objects. Jimmy removes adhesives, labels and PP ring , dismantle the bottle, sort & store it as Clean Flakes in  designated, internal buckets . 

Deep Learning & computer vision algorithms


One of Jimmy's  main assets is the ability to identify the exact kind of bottle fed to it. Since the quality of the clean flakes (and their value) is determined by their purity (color & plastic kind),  Jimmy also recognizes if the bottle has a label, a cap and even a PP ring around its neck.  Jimmy also figures the bottle's brand and size in order to continuously update its inventory status & weight. This visual intelligent ability is accomplished by a combination of two efficient  lightweight algorithms developed in Precycle. The first one is a Deep Learning Growing Model with continuous training features and the second algorithm is a robust detailed computer vision program with comprehensive and precise interpretation capabilities. 

Where to put a Jimmy

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Jimmy's only requirement is an outlet connection. It can be placed in residential & office buildings, business hubs, dwelling clusters, outside  shops & supermarkets, cafeterias, schools, campuses, community & business  centers, malls, Industrial parks, recreation areas, army bases, hotels, country-clubs, hospitals, car parking and gas stations.

Jimmy's Owners

 Business Model


Jimmy's income depends on virgin plastic prices, the number of bottles fed to it every day &  weather the Jimmy Owner will share the  Bottle redemption fee with the consumers.  At current plastic market prices Jimmy's break even point is 30 bottles per day.  Since a small  Jimmy's leasing price is $30 US per month & there are some additional operational costs such as: electricity, maintenance & logistics, a Jimmy that recycles more than 900  bottles per month  will become profitable. Statistically a family generates 6 bottles per week.

Phone Application For Owners, Precyclers & Consumers


Precycle Phone application enables Users to locate robots in their area. The application syncs with Jimmy and enables the users to feed bottles & redeem deposit fees,

unload Jimmy & transfer sacks of flakes to City Collection Centers and  receive payment. The app Keeps Users’ transaction history and uses as Jimmys’ owner interface

 to the Robot performance & history.

Use case: Jimmy Placed in a School of 500 childrens


Use case-II: Schools

A Jimmy that is placed in a school of 500 children, assuming each child is recycling one bottle per day will (i) make a net profit of $1700 US  per month. for the school  (ii) save 180,000 bottles every year from going to land-fields (iii) educate 500 children about the importance of recycling. 
This use-case is applicable for cases where the feeding will be done voluntarily or as part of the local staff\employees role.