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Jimmy becomes profitable from 150 bottles per day:

Jimmy's income depends on virgin plastic prices & the number of bottles fed to it every day. At current plastic market prices Jimmy's break even point is 150 bottles per day. Since Jimmy's leasing price is $40 US per month & there are some additional operational costs such as: electricity, maintenance & logistics, a Jimmy that recycles more than 4,500 bottles per month (150 a day) will become profitable. Statistically 280 people generate 4,500 plastic bottles per month.

What is the deal?

A Jimmy that serves a radius of 1000 people for example, will generate $350 US per month with a gross profit of $200 US. A Jimmy that serves only a radius of 300 people will Use Case, Jimmy's earnings can be taken by its owner and/or divided between the users (the people that feed Jimmy with bottles).

Use case-I​: City Municipalities

A City municipality that will place a Jimmy in public places will return all investments. Furthermore, the people that take a recycling role (feeding Jimmys) will make an aggregate amount equal to $10 US per hour. This use-case is also applicable to community centers, stores, shops, supermarkets and more.

Use case-II: Schools

A Jimmy that is placed in a school of 500 children, assuming each child is recycling one bottle per day will (i) make a net profit of $2400 US  per year for the school  (ii) save 180,000 bottles every year from going to land-fields (iii) educate 500 children about the importance of recycling. 
This use-case is applicable for cases where the feeding will be done voluntarily or as part of the local staff\employees role. This use case  also works for managed residential and office buildings, business hubs, campuses, community centers, malls, recreation areas, army-bases, hotels, country-clubs, hospitals, car parking and gas stations.


Use case-III: Business opportunity for the Millennial Generation

 Recycling with Jimmy creates an  opportunity for the Millennial-generation, children and others that will feed Jimmys at a rate of $10 US per hour in a Sharing Economy Model.  This use-case can work in dwelling clusters, tower blocks, public areas and more.

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