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Introducing CY#1 Recycling Robot

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CY#01 is a Stand-Alone Recycling Unit. Leveraging AI & Computer vision Technology, CY#01 upcycles plastic containers into valuable raw material right at the consumers’ location.


Turning Plastic Waste into Commodity

The Robot accepts all kinds of PET bottles, recognizing colors, sizes & brands whilst rejecting mixed, dirty, & unknown objects. The Robot removes adhesives, labels, and PP-rings, recycles the bottles, sorts & stores them as flat mono-colored plastic (Rpet-Ready).


Recycling at Source

CY#01 allows the consumer to “recycle at source”, at the top of the waste stream before the plastic is mixed with contaminated garbage while requiring minimal effort from the consumer.

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The CY#01 can be placed on every floor of large residential or office buildings, outside street shops, cafeterias, schools & campuses, and shopping centers.

CY#1 Main Features 


Mobile App

Sites map indicating all CY#01 in user’s area

Shows payments & receivables between all parties

Send notifications status


Servicing  users, sites’ owner, local operator, logistics & maintenance team


Cloud Platform

Coordinates all logistics & financial transactions.


Stores transaction history (robots, users & recyclables)

Coordinate logistics & maintenance.


Remote control dashboard.

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